Ecocomputer at the Infoday “2015 Secure Societies call (Horizon 2020)”

Horizon 2020 On 22 January 2015 Ecocomputer attended in Madrid the infoday “2015 Secure Societies call (Horizon 2020)”, organized by CDTI.

During the morning, complete information about this theme next call 2015 was provided: current status and future trends, analysis of the Spanish participation, opportunities for participation in calls, key aspects of proposal preparation, the evaluator perspective, etc.

During the afternoon, a Brokerage event took place. Ecocomputer had the opportunity to meet other companies and national organizations, to exchange views and to reach agreements for potential consortia formation. Interviews were held with Tecnalia, Aertec, DF núcleo, GMV, Everis, Proytecsa, Guardia Civil and CNP.

The attendance to this event is related to Ecocomputer commitment to innovation, and the participation in Horizon 2020 as a strategic objective.

Ecocomputer topics of interest for “2015 Secure Societies call”:

  • DRS-12-2015, DRS-13-2015, DRS-14-2015, DRS-15-2015, DRS-17-2015
  • BES-1-2015, BES-2-2015, BES-5-2015, BES-6-2015, BES-8-2015, BES-10-2015
  • DS-3-2015