RailMan DSS (Digital Signage Systems)

Passenger Information Systems

A set of hardware and software elements that provide the passenger with relevant information concerning the transport service and other circumstances.

The information network comprises the following elements:

  • TFT screens of different sizes and formats
  • Single line and multi-line LED information screens
  • Analogue Public Address System and IP

RailMan DSS software enables unified management of communications from the railway operator’s central administration. At the local station where visual and audible information has to be given, local personnel can also modify the information to be supplied and programme sound & vision announcements.

TFT screens of different sizes and formats

These are the most popular elements currently used. They are available in different sizes (portrait or landscape), IP levels and levels of brightness (high-gloss/transflective for outdoor application). Connectivity to a central repository or to the local station of the RailMan DSS system can be made using Ethernet/WiFi or serial (232 or 422/485).

Single line and multi-line LED information screens

Because of their large format, they are very useful for showing information, particularly on platforms (single line) or waiting areas (multi-line).

Public Address System

Connected to the local equipment of the railway station, we possess amplifiers, desk-mount microphones, outside megaphones, indoor loudspeakers and audible information stations to contact an operator at a central control point. These audible information stations can operate with analogue intercoms or even with SIP devices connected to IP Cisco systems.

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